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Ask The Alpha

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Ask The Alpha Im going to start this off by telling you how sick and disgusted I am with the Medias interpretation of how the dating game should be. This very institution is the largest factor accounting for recently climbing divorce rates, relationship infidelity, unhealthy intimate relationships and last but not least the failure to give honest men a real chance at the caliber of women in which I meet and enjoy every single day. I enjoy the female species on a level that many guys only Dream of and that is a very light statement for me to share. My peers and almost a whole city knew me as the player but yet I still managed to have the freedom, options and control to choose women as I please. The last time I was broken up with was in HighSchool and after that day I learned from my foolish mistakes. Mistakes we as men make every single day when meeting new prospects because we believe in the garbage we see and hear in the media. How is this so when I have very little money, a regular job, average looks and an old car? Gentlemen the only thing that sets me apart from my adversaries was my mindset, a mindset I am going to teach you. A mindset that changed my life and I know will change yours as well.With that said I now shift the embarrassment of this failed system onto you. By you I mean the aloof, skittish, emotional, leadership lacking, non-assertive over-analytical, fairy tale believing pushover. I will say however that you came to the right place and I am by no means a conformist to any other social norm since that is not what aids in my or my students success with beautiful women. Furthermore, I will say do not expect that this reading will be friendly and sugar coated but rather honest, bold and to the point. Do you believe in tough love? Well I certainly do. I produce mind boggling results in the dating arena with all of my peers and that doesnt come with being HR friendly. I am not afraid to be brutally honest in any aspect of what I teach so prepare for a military instructed approach to transforming your life for the better.We live in a world where competition engulfs every opportunity that arises and if we are not correctly prepared, the opportunities quickly slip away. If you are looking for something more motivating and less applicable then head over to the fiction section and pick up a copy of Men are from Mars Women are from Venus. Unfortunately, we have succumbed to a culture that allows such books to take the limelight and get positive attention while throwing the male gender under the bus and putting the female gender on an entitled pedastool. Thanks John Graye your contribution to the male species only taught us to work harder for the acceptance of the female gender rather than teaching men to be who they were destined to be by nature. I not only stand by my teachings with religious fervor but I vow that the practice and approach you learn from my book will change your life forever. So yes you band geek, coffee house fan, computer nerd and all you mommas boys in between welcome to a realistic and alien approach to street smart dating.
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