The Beam: The Complete Second Season Collection (Books 7-12)


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The Beam: The Complete Second Season Collection (Books 7-12)

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The Beam: The Complete Second Season Collection (Books 7-12) The Beam: Season Two (EPISODES 7-12!) See How Deep Deception Goes Picking up just two weeks after the end of The Beams first groundbreaking season, we re-enter our future history with new characters, fresh discoveries, bigger ideas, and a more unsettling (yet eerily real) vision of the world, warped by another eight decades of accelerated tech. Enterprise and Directorate are still embattled as the NAU marches toward Shift, now just days away. Experience more of the textured sci-fi saga that will keep you guessing, and pulling you in for more with characters that arent just pieces in the game, but true, multi-dimensional people living in a tangible future that is simple to imagine.Join Nicolai, Kai, Dominic, Leah, Leo, Isaac, Micah, and Natasha, plus new characters to round out the cast in a future thats easy to see lighting our horizon already. In the future you are who they want you to be. Realm & Sands Readers Love The Beam. Here's What They're Saying: "Wow. This book was amazing. The world that the authors have painted is probably the most believable and relatable sci-fi world I have ever seen, and yet has a lot of ideas and technology that I wouldn't have thought of. Everything from the characters to the political environment and future history of the world is intriguing and well thought out."~ Michael Day"This book is amazing. And I say this as someone who doesn't typically read or like science fiction novels for the very simple reason that a lot of science fiction has a mission to change your mind on some issue or another. Every genre tends to have at least one particular fault many of its stories are guilty of, and the fault of the sci fi genre is that many of its stories. I worried that this would be another one of those books that takes gray issues and insists they're really black and white according to a strict and narrow mindset of the author. Except that I've followed these authors through their podcasts and I knew they wouldn't write something that simple, would they? Well, they didn't. The Beam doesn't have to be a bad thing, even though it absolutely can be. It's full of gray areas and I love that in a story because you have to think. You're not being led down a predetermined path. I don't usually recommend a book to people. I have to really, really love it to tell someone else to read it, and then to ask them again later if they did. And then it's got to be really worthwhile to recommend it to more than a few of my close friends. Well, it made it beyond my circle of friends. READ THIS."LPC Campbell"First, I need to say The Beam's world is probably the best developed vision of the near future I have read so far. The world is surprising in many ways, yet everything about it feels a natural result from the development we are seeing in today's world. It teases your mind just like a good sci-fi world should while being entirely believable all the time. This adds a dimension to the book that feels almost like commentary on our current obsession with connectivity and the internet. It's subtle, and the story is what drives the book, but I found myself thinking about my own addiction to all these portable devices after putting the book aside... Second, the characters. This is my first Truant novel, but I've read a lot of Platt's fiction before, and every time, I have been impressed by the characters: They aren't just pieces in the game, but real, multi-dimensional human beings living through what it is that comes their way. This book is no exception. If anything, it's even better in this sense. Now, all I can say is that we need season two fast! There are so many things to uncover and explore.
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